Neighbourhood Watch Coverage

This section will keep us up to date on our progress with the number of homes covered.

This information is vital to us as it tells us how many newsletters we need to get printed. We collate the totals from all nine wards in Eastbourne.

Homes Covered by Neighbourhood Watch

 At the end of October 2013 Eastbourne Neighbourhood Watch has a record number of homes covered.

The figures show that at the end of October 2013 we are covering 14,419 homes with our quarterly newsletter. This is the highest it has ever been and we are not stopping there. It is our intention to cover as many homes as possible.  So, if you are not a member of Neighbourhood Watch in Eastbourne get in touch with us by telephone, e-mail or complete the online joining application form on this website.

Remember it is free to join Neighbourhood Watch and you will get many benefits including a free members handbook, door or window sticker and four newsletters a year giving information and advice, you may also qualify for a discount on home insurance.

Get in touch, you know it makes sense !!