Street Signs

Neighbourhood Watch roadside display signs are available in East Sussex. There are two stages you will need to go through to get a sign in your road.

Stage one is to obtain permission to display the sign from from East Sussex County Council; you will need to complete an application form. There is a charge of £25 for a licence to display.

Stage two is, once you have permission to display the sign, you need to purchase the sign from the supplier, May Gurney, at a cost of £24 including VAT and Delivery.  You can then arrange for it to be fitted. May Gurney owns Nordis Signs, and can supply the signs shown above. You will then need to arrange for the sign to be fitted as per the licence. Contact May Gurney 07747 464901 or

Self adhesive signs to cover old faded signs are available from the Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation at £5 each.

Our Merchandise

Eastbourne Neighbourhood Watch has a range of merchandise for sale as follows.

Reference Item Price
DP0103 Personal Alarm - Slimline £3.00
JN001 Shed Alarm £10.00
JN002 Twintech Intruder Alarm £10.00
EA2003 Door Alarm - Keypad £10.00
EA0212 Alert Multifunction Alarm £10.00
JN003 Brass Door Chain £5.00
JN004 24hour Plug-in Times-witch £3.00
JN005 Gate Post NHW sign £1.50
AM0205 Permanent UV Marking Pen £0.50
AM0204 Portable UV Torch. Medium £6.00
BD2106 Prikka Strip (Fences) £1.20
BD0607 Safe Can Beans/Tomato Soup £4.00
BD0710 Safe Can - WD 40 £4.00
BD0705 Book Safe £5.00
BD0711 Candle Safe £5.00
  Door Viewers £3.00
  Dalmatian Defenders £2.50

To order any of the items shown at a winter discount of 20% off the listed prices shown above.  please Contact John Rollison.  This offer is only available whilst stocks last so order now. This offer will not be repeated.