Why Start a Scheme?

In Eastbourne we do all we can to increase our membership, it costs you nothing to belong. Every member,or household, receives a members handbook, a door or window sticker and a quarterly newsletter.

We work closely with Sussex Police, the Council and other partners to make Eastbourne the safest town in which to live, work and visit. We encourage a community spirit where members can keep an eye on the elderly and most vulnerable people in our society. 

Please do all you can to start a scheme in your road. We are waiting for your call.

Start a New Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

It is so easy to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your road or block of flats. The first thing to do is chat to your local neighbours to see if they are interested in joining, It may only be the neighbours each side of you.

It is a good idea to talk to your NHW Ward Co-ordinator, they may be able to  help by providing a leaflet that can be dropped in your road or flats asking for a volunteer to become a Co-ordinator for a NW Scheme. This may sound as though this person is taking on a massive responsibility but this is far from the truth. It usually means that this person delivers the newsletter every three months. If a problem occurs and you need help your local Ward Co-ordinator or PCSO will give you advice and support.

It is not unusual for volunteers to deliver up to 50 newsletters but we have some schemes where only a few are delivered.

You will need to download, print and complete a Data Protection form and produce identification prior to starting the scheme, just so we can keep your details securely on the NHW and Sussex Police computers. This is more or less a formality we have to perform under the Data Protection Act of 1998.

If your not sure or need further information just contact the Ward Co-ordinator for your area, details are on this website and they will answer any question you may have.

Remember over 450 people like you have already started a Scheme in Eastbourne, doing so is friendly, safe and easy. Don't just leave it, do it soon.